FUELAB 1500 HP Brushless Screw Pump 2.1L Surge Tank

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2.1L Fuel Surge Tank System with Speed Controllable, Twin
Screw DC Brushless Fuel Pump, 600lph

Product Features:

  • Allows for high fuel flow output with little or no modifications to the OE fuel tank and module
  • Prevents fuel sloshing by maintaining a ready volume of fuel
  • 235mm Tall
  • FST Rated volume: 2.1 L
  • Single Twin Screw DC Brushless fuel pump included
  • Rated to flow 600lph at 45psi, 125psi Max
  • Integrated controller with PWM speed control
  • Billet aluminum and O-ring Construction using -8AN Fuel Ports
  • Compatible with Pump and Racing Gasoline, and E85
  • Return line is required, returns excess fuel back to the vehicle fuel tank
  • Optional FST Upgrade Accessory Kits Sold Separately
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty